Love In a Jar

How well I remember the shiny aluminum pan that lay tucked away behind closed doors in our farm kitchen!

It was not a work horse by any means. Basically, it slept away the sands of time. “Used Only For A Few Special Occasions” could have been its future epitaph.

This while-away-the-time pan was part of Mom’s baking-pan arsenal. With its twelve cup-like depressions, the vessel was capable of forming individual miniature cakes.

During the age of my childhood, Dear Readers, these miniature cakes— cupcakes—focused more on the quality of cake rather than an overabundance of frosting topping. Don’t get me wrong though! Cake and a simple amount of frosting were fashioned in a balanced proportion of flavors, textures, and volume.

One must not forget an important part of the pleasure of indulging in the cupcake/frosting equation—ease of eating.

Sweet long-ago memories of biting into a hand-held tiny cake topped with frosting and kid-friendly sprinkles provided satisfying “Yum” without a lot of mess.

A New Take on an Old Fave

But, Dear Readers, the simply frosted cupcake has since evolved into a 21st Century showstopper, of sorts. Mounds of fluffy frosting topped with anything from crumbled fried bacon to innumerable crunchy candy-bar-piece craziness seems to be the cupcake calling card of today’s consumer!

Miss NiNi realizes that in the baking world, a cupcake is a simple, singular, easy-to-purchase dessert for any special occasion. However, Dear Readers, let’s consider the flip side of the coin, shall we?

Perhaps, you have experienced as Miss NiNi has, cupcake-eating chaos! With one bite, an over abundance of sweet frosting not only takes residence on my palate, but because of the generous amount positioned on top of the mini cake, frosting indeed finds a home above my upper lip and directly underneath my nose, too! Not fun!

And then, Dear Readers, if you are a “finisher” as Miss NiNi is, it’s only natural to consume the entire treat in one fell swoop whether the desire is to eat it or not! What a dilemma!

Enter Miss NiNi’s creative style of cupcakery. It’s been called “Ingenious” by those who have purchased the little cake darlings at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie.

Absolutely Delicious!

We call the mini cake/frosting dessert team, “CupCakes A-Jar.”

With exacting proportions of cake and frosting and fillings, the Miss NiNi bakers beautifully and neatly layer the dessert components into just the right-size jar, producing a cupcake that stays fresher for a number of days and is neater and cleaner to eat. No more frosting mustache with “CupCakes A-Jar,” Dear Readers!

And might I mention that Miss NiNi is no longer tempted to be a loyal member of the clean-plate-cupcake club! I can enjoy a few sweet spoonfuls, replace the lid on top of the jar, and save the remainder to satisfy another mini sweet-temptation engagement! It truly is love in a jar, Dear Readers!

If an organization needs a boost of cash for its treasury, “CupCakes A-Jar” sales teams can raise extra funds in a uniquely sweet way! Just ask Miss NiNi.

Oh—did I mention that an “A-Jar” sibling has also been birthed by Miss NiNi? “Cheesecake A-Jar” has recently joined the sisterhood.

Who knows what Miss NiNi will “A-Jar” next!