Miss NiNi—the “Mixturator”

Let me introduce you to Miss NiNi, the “Mixturator.” What in the world is that you might ask?

If madly dashing to your copy of Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary or dictionary.com to discover the definition, there will be a void of nothingness regarding the word, “mixturator.”

Dear Readers, let me “unpack” this creative tidbit of my mother tongue for you. If a “mixture” is by definition known as “an association of different things or factors or the act of mixing them,” and if the suffix, “or” is termed as” one who; that which,” then my newly created word certainly describes Miss NiNi as a “mixturator”—the one who delights in the act of mixing different things together. Wouldn’t you agree?

I am quite happy when I have combined or mixed together two or more of something in order to make a brand-spanking new creation! In my world, these new combos might be in the form of ingredient combinations, recipes, beverages, dishwashing liquids, clothing color combinations, and even dishware. So, it just seems quite normal to me to now address Mr. Webster’s long-lived reference and request a spot within those pages for my newly composed word in the English language!

Let me give you some examples that occupy my everyday “mixturator” world. Take baking for instance. While perusing countless cookbooks and online recipes, I’m rarely satisfied to bake something as a recipe directs. As a matter-of-fact, my mind is already composing the addition of added flavors and textures to a newly discovered recipe. Adrenalin produced from said thought processes can keep me awake at night until the experimentation is completed and taste tested. Then, as Lori Greiner, American inventor and investor from Shark Tank fame says, “I can tell if it is going to be a Hero or a Zero.” And there’s nothing more exciting to me, the original Miss Mixturator, than a newly created food idea dubbed as a Hero!

I have friends in the food and beverage industry whose creative genius inspires me as well. Second Born Dear Daughter and her fresh-from-the-marriage-altar Loving Husband are part of the “helpful smile in every aisle” family. They have introduced me to Chef Andrew Kintigh and Sue Navratil, nationally Certified Specialist of Wine, at the Ankeny, IA #1 Hy-Vee store.

Chef Andrew has created epicurean delicacies of national notoriety to the delight of his customers. Furthermore, when Miss NiNi’s tastebuds basked in the luxury of his divinely created Pumpkin Chili with Cocoa Sour Cream as well as his Moroccan Style Chickpea & Kale Stew with Date Gremolata, they swooned and exclaimed, “Mmmm…oh my goodness! This is absolutely out of this world!” I didn’t want the spoon licking to end!

Although I do not imbibe in the creations of the fermented beverage industry, I so appreciate Sue’s expressive evaluation of various wines on her web site Wine WOWS! from Sue at naviwine.blogspot.com. Oh my, when her palate detects flavors of “layered aromas of dark berries, toasted oak, vanilla, some pepper spice and a hint of cinnamon,” I begin to think, “Now, can I create a cookie that duplicates the merging of those flavors?” I am certainly going to march right into my “food lab” to experiment, Dear Readers! Stay tuned!

Do I drink my coffee black? Oh no! Presently, I am enjoying the flavor combination of sugar cookie coffee with added pumpkin spice latte and white chocolate creamers… “mixturating” again! Delish!

And is my dinnerware of one pattern and color? Another, negatory from Miss NiNi! It’s a celebration of 17 different colors of Fiestaware that hide behind my kitchen cabinet doors until mealtime occurs.  Then, I take delight in coordinating multiple colors for each place setting…indeed, color combinations that introduce a fiesta of eating! Sombreros not included.

As LaVon Eblen and I sit across from each other in the KJAN sound-proof recording studio with a microphone in between us, we discuss topics for our local radio show, “Family Fun in the Kitchen with LaVon and Miss NiNi.” Our eager voices come up with all sorts of clever ideas for encouraging families to create wonderful relationships with each other in the kitchen, including my added experiences of “mixturating.” LaVon joins in my crazy laughter when I tell her that I have even taken two brands of dishwashing liquid to make one that I think offers the best grease-cutting result! Of course, one of those happens to be produced in my favorite color, pink! But if our subject matter may not interest you, it’s worth your time just to listen to two like-minded professional women having a delightful time chatting with joyful glee! It will most definitely bring a smile to the start of your weekend…or any time of your day!

Oh, by the way, Dear Readers, you can get acquainted with our enthusiastic personalities on KJAN 1220 AM and 101.1 FM, Sat. 7:45 a.m and online at kjan.com any time of the night or day. Now, how is that for convenience to our listeners?!

So, as I reflect on my fondness for “mixturating,” I think that perhaps, you too, Dear Readers, have enjoyed similar creative experiences in your culinary world by having stretched your imaginations with flavor and texture combinations. Should we form the charter chapter of the “Culinary Mixturators for America Club”?  All culinary creators welcome!


Miss NiNi