Mission Accomplished

We did it!

A Dutch Apple Pie handcrafted by Little Sir and Miss NiNi made the best-of-desserts’ list at our recent family gathering.

My eight-year-old grandson and I convened around the large kitchen island to measure, mix, peel, and slice apple-pie components that when combined with the oven’s constant temperature produced exquisite aromatics. It was glorious, Dear Readers!

Little Sir and I had penciled our pie-making date into the early-year calendar month. However, Old Man Winter had the upper hand. With winter’s bluster of snow and ice, his basketball schedule, and my baking schedule, we had to postpone the event a number of times.

On the Clock

Finally, we had a two-hour window in which to achieve our goal.

Mind you, Dear Readers, apple-pie baking features many challenging steps—even for adults. However, with the assistance of First Born Dear Daughter (his momma) and Little Missy (his sister), we were able to accomplish our mission in a timely fashion.

With all of the teaching steps associated in creating the filling, a frozen pie crust served as a great receptacle for the beautifully created filling.

Little Sir and I concentrated on reviewing dry measuring techniques in order that flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon were added to a mixing bowl in accurate amounts.

In exploring the How-To-Measure-Dry-Ingredients chapter of the family version of Miss NiNi’s Baking University, Little Sir was reminded that brown sugar is packed into the measuring cup. Flour is not.  

Exact Measurements

A straight edge rather than a finger is used to level the ingredient inside the measuring cup.

Making certain all ingredients are in the pantry before even beginning to assemble the recipe is a precaution needed to be observed. Therefore, reading the recipe before the first apple was peeled was noted.

As Little Sir delicately placed the fruit-and-spice-laden unbaked dessert into the oven, he set the oven’s timer for 50 minutes and proceeded to the family room where engineering feats with interlocking components awaited.

He’s a quiet little soul—my Little Sir. His mind and fingers are always churning out creative genius.

Perhaps, pie baking is in his future. After all, that can be considered engineering of the food kind.

But even if Little Sir decides to excuse himself from his grandma’s world of dessert creativity, the times just he and I have had while gathering in the kitchen to create desserts and pleasant memories have blessed my soul abundantly!