My Mother’s Day Treasure

It was a year of notoriety!

Not only had Cracker Jack become the largest selling snack food in the world. But homemakers had the opportunity to replace a refrigeration relic–the wooden icebox– with a gorgeous electric refrigerator—but only if 900 extra dollars and even electricity itself were available.

Certainly, the above-mentioned, life-was-made-easier inventions were “Hallelujahs” for the American consumer!

Yet, in Miss NiNi’s’ life story, an event greater than Cracker Jack came into existence!

This year, 1916, was the year of my mom’s birth.

Warm Reflections

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, Dear Readers, I feel quite led to weave a loving tribute to Mom–the lady who exemplified strength through character, quiet leadership, frugality, and enormous love and compassion for her husband and children.

As Mom went about daily homemaking tasks, I’m certain that a future Miss NiNi was nowhere imagined in the picture of life. Yet, it was Mom’s quiet “watch-me-and-learn-from-me” tutelage that gently yet solidly impressed a love for baking upon this young child.

Our mutual homemaking experiences reflected frequently in the Mother’s Day gifts I would give to her.

A cheery-faced ceramic cookie jar purchased with spending money from the sale of one of my 4-H calves protected the best of home-baked cookies. When exploring hands reached into the interior of that vessel to retrieve those treats, it wouldn’t be long until yummy replacements came out of the oven!

The Perfect Gift

In exploring potential Mother’s Day gift ideas at the gift shop of a local drugstore, a wooden plaque with attached miniature rolling pin and loving expression about baking caught my adolescent eye. It adorned the wall of our farm kitchen for decades!

Only after the last piece of home was set out for auction on that beautiful autumn North Dakota day did those gifts ever leave our kitchen’s interior.

However, it’s a new dawn, Mom! It’s been over three decades since I could call you for answers to my baking questions. But if you were here on earth for this Mother’s Day celebration, you would find that kitchen relics from the past would be replaced with gifts made by my hands!

Your kitchen coaching would reveal the fruits of your second-born daughter, the business woman and dessert creator, Miss NiNi!

A small chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream frosting or a key lime pie topped with fancy whipped cream are the Mother’s Day special handcrafted desserts we’re offering to our wonderful customers! Of course, over 50 other handcrafted desserts are awaiting taste-bud exploration as well!

If I had the opportunity though, it wouldn’t take long to select a truly decadent gift for you, Mom. Chocolate was always your favorite!

Miss NiNi would find life difficult without kitchen refrigeration, electricity, and even Cracker Jack.

Undoubtedly, though, those items will never replace or surpass the creation of you, Mom! You are my Mother’s Day Treasure!

Miss NiNi