My Next Writing Assignment

April 8, 2013. That was the date it began.

Dear Readers, since that date in time, we have had about 335 weekly chats through the medium of modern technology.

It’s been an undeniable pleasure, Dear Readers!

As I reminisce about the words penned to you, I reflect on the windows of my personal and professional life that have been opened to your eyes. 

Dear Sister edited each and every column I have created prior to submission. Her command of the English language is stellar!

Time after time, I shared a peek into the burning passion for the baking and food industry that still dwells within my heart and soul.

Our granddaughter, Little Missy, had been only four years old at the time of this blog’s infancy. I had reported that during her family’s visits to our farm, she would awaken me before 5 am with gentle taps on my forearm. She was ready to bake! Why wasn’t I?

Her brother, Little Sir, had been basking in comfortable bliss in the kitchen. Baking wasn’t quite his desire just yet though. His theme song had been more along the line of “I’m content to wash dishes in this soapy water for hours and hours.”

My food lab had been in experimental mode daily as this dessert baker metamorphosed from amateur champion baker to professional dessert entrepreneur.

And now, there are only a few grains of sand remaining in the “A-Baking-Chat-With-Miss-NiNi” hourglass.

Thank you, Miss NiNi’s precious Dear Readers! You have given me wings to soar more deeply into the world of creative writing.

Three years ago, Dear Sister and I began the process of accumulating the memoirs of our childhood as sisters growing up on the prairie of North Dakota. 

Our rural formative years during the mid-20th Century had been uniquely molded and shaped by our compassionate, hard-working parents along with our neighbors and friends around Menoken, ND.

We are inspired to capture that fragment of Americana in our book, While the Windmill Watched.

As I exchange this writing “wardrobe” for the next, I am thrilled to co-author a collection of photographs and writings in manuscript form as a recording of the past for the benefit of the future.

335 chats about my baking world—that is what we have had together.

And now, life’s next writing assignment beckons.

Thanks for the memories!

Miss NiNi