October 22, 2016: Family Fun in the Kitchen with LaVon and Miss NiNi


In this week’s podcast, LaVon and Miss NiNi discuss Spam and share some reactions from others on the product! Listen below or click this link for more: http://www.kjan.com/index.php/2016/10/family-fun-in-the-kitchen-10-22-2016/

MEMORIES OF SPAM: Pick Your Favorite!

  1. Kristy says: We never had it at home. But my Avo (Portuguese for grandmother) always had a can and would slice and fry it for sandwiches. I loved to use the little key to curl open the can. Brings back fond memories!! Mid 1980s
  2. From Calla: Sliced then fried and eaten on bread for lunch on Saturday circa 1967-1971
  3. Bree notes: I used to work for Hormel. There are only 2 locations in the US that makes SPAM. I’ve tried countless varieties of the product but my favorite are the ones that go to Japan. Far less salty, even less than the US version of low sodium. I also enjoy the Jalapeño flavor.
  4. Jennifer voices: Grandpa Lloyd used to fry that stuff up for Amy and I all the time! We’d spend the night at Grandpa and Grandma’s and watch WWF wrestling with him and have that for supper. Dale still fixes it that way.
  5. Linda recalls: Hey; LaVon, we ate a lot of spam when we were kids. Mom used to make it a lot of different ways. Fried like ham, ground for sandwiches, in hot dish were just a few.
  6. Megan states: Been to the spam museum yes, very interesting rich on history. Try Spam cakes….Slice Of Spam In A pancake.
  7. Stacie asserts: I toured the Hormel plant in Austin in college with Block and Bridle and got to see how spam was made, then went through the museum afterwards. It was like most packing/processing facilities that I’ve been in, each with their own niche. I was reading The Jungle at the time for a food science class and wouldn’t recommend doing both simultaneously, but do have a much greater appreciation for how far the industry has come by doing so!
  8. Gary voices: My mom created some of the most awesome dishes with spam..been in my diet since i was a little munchkin..in my cupboard right now..put a slice of pineapple on top with some pineapple juice..bake it in the oven…like my dad would say “broke da mouth”…
  9. Sheryl remembers: We’ve been to the Spam museum – it’s a great interactive place with lots of interesting information and displays. Spam was sent to our soldiers in WW 2 because of its’ shelf life and also because it was mighty tasty compared to those C rations. The Hawaiian people are the biggest users of this product. We were amazed by now many variations of Spam are now available. Can’t recall how many, but LOTS. We ate Spam, probably twice a month, when we were growing up. Mom usually fried it and we ate it with fried potatoes or eggs. Very good. I usually keep a can of Spam in the cupboard to use when I’m short on meat. It’s good fried, in salads, on a pizza, and in a casserole. Spam. It’s what’s for supper J
  10. Emily claims: I only take part in the eating of the sacred spam while camping, but I would share my stories and recipes with those that are curious about canned meat-like products.
  11. Susan recalls: I have eaten spam all my life. I grew up in Hawaii where it is a household staple really. My children grew up eating it with white rice and soy sauce. Or we would make what we call musubi. Fried spam on rice wrapped in black sea weed with a little bit of sauce on it. Till this day it’s my kids’ his favorite thing I make. We can’t have a holiday without it. And when my son was in Italy in the 1/73 airborne division he would make it for his buddies when they got together. they would request it. My youngest daughter actually loves it so much that I made her a musubi cake for one of her birthdays when she was in high school.
  12. Marge suggests: Yes to all the questions, Sheila has been to the museum. She really enjoyed it. Just recently was introduced to a new version. Mash the spam, and add. Grated cheese, add pizza sauce, spread on open faced buns and broil until the cheese melts and is bubbly. we served it at Bible school, and one of the boys said he ate nine. They were mighty tasty! Most kids had never tasted Spam.
  13. Maggie maintains: Mom served it to my brother and me ONE TIME! We through such a fit, am sure she didn’t buy it again