Once Upon A Time

There is a “Once Upon A Time” within all of us, Dear Readers.

In this 28-day month of expressions of love, valentines, and Presidents Day, I am reminded of a once-upon-a-time story about a little boy, a cutting tool, and a fruit tree.

As a child, the fable spoke words of wisdom to me. I had read about a precocious little six-year-old who had destroyed his father’s favorite tree with a few whacks of a hatchet. Did he then try to cover the truth or destroy the evidence? No, he did not! Upon gentle questioning by his father, the beauty of honesty and forgiveness arose. The little guy confessed to the act, imprinting upon my heart that truth, forgiveness, and a clear conscience balance well!

This popular myth about the Father of our Nation, George Washington, and the leveled cherry tree was instituted by bookseller Mason Locke Weems over two centuries ago. bing.com

Linked to Leadership

Through the ages, more incidents of the fruit of the cherry tree and leaders of our country surfaced.

For instance,” when President Zachary Taylor died of dysentery in 1850, he was reported to have developed symptoms of gastroenteritis—inflammation of the stomach and intestines–after having enjoyed ‘cold cherries and milk’ during a long, hot outdoor Independence Day celebration that included breaking ground for the Washing Monument. Five days later, Taylor was dead.” thenibble.com

Even though cherries are loaded with more antioxidants than grapes, oranges, plums, raspberries, and strawberries, and have an abundance of vitamins A, B, and C, the small stemmed stone fruit could not save the life of President Taylor.

A Delicious Treat

Thenibble.com also recites the fact that multiple other preparations of cherries bode well in the cultural gastronomic flow of life.

“Russians enjoy cherry preserves in their tea. Germans distill cherries into their brandy. Many people use them in cakes and pies, over ice cream, dried and diced into salads, as a garnish in cocktails, sprinkled over soft cheese, soft and warm on pancakes or in the middle of an indulgent chocolate bonbon.”

Dear Readers, what is your favorite way to enjoy a cherry? Have I already noted it?

Perhaps, a cherry without any frou frou tickles your taste buds with sunshine.

Dearly Beloved says, “I’ll take cherry pie any time, any day!” How about you?

For Miss NiNi, the beautiful cherry fruit is most regaled when paired with cream cheese, sugar, and eggs into a decadent cheesecake. With a delicate sifting of powdered sugar across its top, this dessert rates high accolades on the Yum Factor Scale!

The artistic beauty of red cherries and their thick sauce swirled among chocolate batter and velvety white cream cheese halos anticipated taste decadence when biting into a fudgy brownie.

Miss NiNi has traversed countless miles in my “Once Upon a Time” since George’s story taught me that truth always prevails!

Cherry vanilla cheesecake and Cherry Cheesecake Brownies aren’t too far behind, though!