angel food cake from miss ninis west des moines desserterie

A Recipe’s Creative Rebirthing

It was when Second-Born Dear Daughter (SBDD) suggested that we introduce a touch of Spring to our dessert menu that she reflected on a very special family recipe. This recipe has had treasured residence in the family hand-me-down cookbook for decades. My mom’s angel food cake modus operandi was and still is part of the […]

The Little Darlin’s – Cake Truffles

I call them The Little Darlin’s. Dear Readers, one might think that this term of affection is designated for my two favorite little people in our family. It certainly does fit the description of our Grands, Little Missy and Little Sir! However, in this week’s baking chat, I’m referring to Delicious Defined Little Darlin’s that […]

has been defined!

Featured in November / December 2016 issue of Midwest Living, Miss NiNi makes only the finest desserts to pick up or have shipped directly to your door.

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