A Dessert Event to Celebrate

Miss NiNi must admit that the day could have come and gone, and a “boo hoo” would not have been sniveled. However, Dear Readers, since my adult palate has metamorphosed from childhood to adulthood, the taste buds of Yours Truly have been quite persuasive to cause the reassessment of imbibing in the delicious rich combination […]

Mr. Bishop’s Chocolate Pie

It all began as a venture in dining in Waterloo, IA, and soon grew to 35 Midwestern locations. The cafeteria chain, Bishop’s Cafeteria, which was begun by Benjamin Franklin Bishop in 1920 provided nine decades of culinary enjoyment until its lifespan ceased to exist. (myomahaobsession.com) Hailing from one of the upper Great Plains’ states, my […]