Mmmm Merna’s Marvelous Munchin’Cookies

As I was getting ready to don my chore clothes the other day, the telephone rang. Caller ID informed me that my Aunt Merna, was on the other end of the line. Do you remember Merna, Dear Readers? She is my amazing 91-year-old South Dakota ranch-wife aunt who I had honored recently with a “Crown […]

New Honoree into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court

“I have enough love to go around for everybody!” cheerily voiced my newest honoree into Miss NiNi’s Royal Baking Court…and does she ever! After knocking at the back door of Harriet (Mrs. Henry) Alff’s home, I was greeted with an enthusiastic welcome, “Come on in.” As I opened the door and walked into her spacious […]