Painting This Week’s Canvas

A portrait of various unique colors is being sketched on my canvas of life this week.

Dear Readers, I’m certain it has been discovered within your existence that on some days the colors of life seem to chaotically blend together in complete discord. Yet, in the finale, magnificent harmony truly does prevail!

So, you might ask, “Miss NiNi, what is happening in your life this week to affect the textures and flavors of it?

I can describe the appointments that are jotted on the spaces of my daily calendar as “woof and warp,” “ying and yang,” or “previously experienced and never have made its acquaintance.” 

Fair Fever

Miss NiNi is totally engaged in the excitement of the Iowa State Fair. Actually, this happened long before opening day of Aug. 9!

Entering competitions at our state fair must be part of our individual genetic codes as four generations of family members have run this good race annually.

Returning with absolute desire to bake and compete is the latest generation. With little supervision from Yours Truly, Little Missy and Little Sir are actively creating food entries for competition.

Miss NiNi as well as our personal family sponsor food contests during the fair. I am joined by Dear Daughters and Little Missy in the culinary judging arena in order to find those contestants who have created products that meet our family’s standards. It’s a bonding family experience for we Knop ladies that brings delightful camaraderie to us all!

Those aforementioned activities are the I’ve-done-this-before colors of my week’s painted canvas.

However, two new Miss NiNi state fair occurrences will broaden the scope of life’s majestic hues.

Shifting Into Sales Mode

Saturday, Aug. 11, will find Mr. Fred, Little Missy, and Yours Truly in full sales mode! Four delicious flavors of Miss NiNi’s handcrafted CupCakes A-Cup will be sold in the air-conditioned Elwell Family Food Building on the west side of the fairgrounds. Please stop and say “Hi” to us and enjoy a sample of our treats, too (while they last)!

Think about Miss NiNi’s moist yummy cakes of chocolate, birthday party white, and carrot each layered with complementary handmade frosting flavors and party-like décor inside a clear plastic cup. By adding a disposable lid and spoon, the dessert is just waiting to jump on to your taste buds!

As a former champion Iowa State Fair baker, I can’t wait to bring this homemade dessert treat to fairgoers! Even if this treat is not on a stick, the uniqueness of selling a made-from-scratch, on-the-go dessert should earn purple ribbon status in the hearts and tummies of fair goers! Wouldn’t you agree, Dear Readers?

Does Miss NiNi solely create these marvelous walk-around-the-fair treats? Oh, absolutely not, Dear Readers! The blessing of an efficient talented team of bakers and CupCakes A-Cup makers willingly and lovingly work together at the desserterie to bring delicious results to fruition!

Judicial Appointment

The second maiden state-fair episode for Miss NiNi relates to my lifelong experience in the livestock industry. I will be part of the state-fair FFA interview team to select the Premier FFA Exhibitor. It will be exciting and refreshing to visit with young folks who are among the heartbeat of our state’s livestock industry!

Joining my this-week’s, state-fair repertoire will be our repeat venture at the farmer’s market. Miss NiNi and Mr. Fred will be back at space 150 beside the well-known Theatrical Shop in West Des Moines’ Valley Junction this Thursday from 4-8 pm. Handcrafted desserts await your enjoyment!

Unique textures and flavors of Miss NiNi’s life are waiting to be captured in a few short days. It is within those experiences that my personal canvas becomes completely extraordinary.

Dear Readers, may your canvas of life as well be notably etched with the richness of activity, passion of heart, and unspeakable joy!

Miss NiNi