Peanut Butter and What?

It is a rare day in the household of Dearly Beloved and Miss NiNi when a jar of peanut butter remains closed.

With the breaking of the dawn, peanut butter helps start my day off right.

Miss NiNi is a creative breakfast shake virtuoso, so to speak. Using a little of this and a handful of that, my morning breakfast is always tweaked according to ingredients I have available. The mini-blender container might be loaded with a menagerie of fruit, milk, Chia seed, cinnamon, nutmeg, and spinach. Amounts of each ingredient vary with the mood of my day. However, come rain or shine, the combobulation of ingredients will always include a spoonful of protein-packed peanut butter. Mmmm…let the day begin!

If Dearly Beloved was questioned about his favorite peanut butter food, undoubtedly, it would be homemade peanut butter cookies. He can eat those sugary treats one after another without batting an eye. He loves them! That’s why Miss NiNi dubbed her variation of homemade-peanut-butter-cookie goodness as “Mr. Fred’s Favorite Peanut Butter Cookies.”  Check them out at my website here.

Dear Readers, have you ever seen a cookie with hashtag marks on the top? Oh, of course, you probably have! The uniquely notable forked criss-cross symbol on top of a cookie immediately announces, ‘Peanut Butter Cookie.’

Even since the early 1900s when peanut butter cookies started gaining popularity, the hashtag mark was pressed into the cookie dough ball’s top. But, why was that done, Dear Readers? “The most common reasons known are pure baking tradition–to help the cookies bake more evenly and as a warning sign for people with peanut allergies.” (Source).

Peanut butter makes the cookie dough denser. When the dough is denser, it is more difficult for the cookie to bake evenly. A common table fork comes to the rescue! With two simple applications—criss—cross, the center of the cookie is flattened, and a cookie-baking dilemma is solved.

 Pillsbury’s 1936 cookbook is given credit for the unexplained application of the now commonly identifiable cookie tattoo.

Of greater note is the life-or-death benefit that the hastag provides. It’s a bold warning sign to those with peanut allergies. Peanut butter cookies can often resemble other cookies in size, shape, and texture. Down through the decades, this baked-in symbol has become the great reminder that exclaims, ‘Peanut Butter!’ Miss NiNi is glad to know that!!

In my Internet research for today’s chat, I happened upon the website, where I discovered a fun-loving peanut butter lover’s quiz. The answer would determine what would be the ultimate food to combine with peanut butter for my personality traits. As I clicked on the best answer for the trivia questions given, I wondered what outcome would be ‘expertly’ derived for Miss NiNi. After all, peanut butter truly is more than just peanut butter and jelly, Dear Readers! 

Hmmm, very interesting…the quizmaster replied with my answer: “Peanut Butter and Pickles. You’re quirky, you love the unique – and you don’t play by the rules. Your friends think you’re creative, even an artist! What’s your next masterpiece?” Wow…spot on answer for this creative soul! Perhaps, the answers were ‘expertly’ derived after all!

Then, I was curious as to what other peanut butter food combinations the quiz would deem as answers. I retook it a few more times but gave answers that didn’t really reflect my personality. What a blast!

How about this result: “Peanut Butter and Bananas. You’re an old school, sensible person. You know what works and you stick to it. Why mess with change when you know what already works?”

Or this answer: “Peanut Butter and Chocolate. You’re fun, outgoing and love to share. Some would call you sweet-natured. Having a great time no matter where you are is your thing. Lucky for you – there are tons of candies and desserts that match up with this combo.”

Dear Readers, no matter if you are a smooth or crunchy sort-of-peanut-butter chap and even if you like peanut butter plain and simple—licked off of a spoon, that staple jar of peanut butter reposing within your kitchen cabinet has extensive ability to make you into a creative peanut butter connoisseur. Mar. 1 is a perfect day to celebrate. It’s National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day!

Now, where is that jar of pickles?