Reaping Mighty Rewards


“Do it with all your heart.”

“With deep sincerity.”

Clearly, as a small business owner, inspiration from those words forms the woof and warp threads of dessert-baking passion for Miss NiNi.

Even as a child, my family’s farming heritage stamped “entrepreneur” on my heart. It was as if stepping stones to a life of risk taking were painstakingly etched on my path of existence.

Did I want to marry a gentleman who shared my love of stepping into the deep? You bet I did! And for the past 44 years, Dearly Beloved and I have meandered through life together wholeheartedly making the best of what life has to offer in production agriculture.

And then, all of a sudden after Dear Daughters had winged away to make their own marks in this world, along came another step-into-the-deep desire. I couldn’t hush it, Dear Readers! After years and years of studying and refining dessert recipes, it was only natural that a dessert-baking small business would begin.

To create spectacularly delicious treats for hundreds of palates is now fulfilling my entrepreneurial trek at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie. Each new day begins with a sincerely thankful heart for the opportunity to achieve soul satiety in my endeavor!

Perhaps, you share this same love of entrepreneurship, Dear Readers? If your occupation is butcher, baker, candlestick maker, or ingenious citizen of the world, you are a member of the small business fraternity in which creating, delegating, and coaching ideas into reality take root. Sweat, smiles, tears, and faith are natural byproducts.

Why do I chat with you on this subject, Dear Readers? It is National Small Business Week. Serving as the pulse of America, thousands upon thousands of engaging small business owners deserve complimentary pats on the back. After all, millions of promising Americans reap healthy lifestyles because of them.

With wholehearted determination, entrepreneurship is for the strong of heart. The challenges are mighty! The rewards are mightier!

Miss NiNi