Remembering A Groom’s Cake

1989. The era of big hair! Shoulder pads in women’s clothing were hip! Steel Magnolias with its star-studded cast of actors and actresses made its debut on the silver screen.

The plot of that movie was fun to follow! However, Dear Readers, the action in one scene featuring the groom’s cake is what truly hit a home run for this dessert baker

Oh, there was cake! Yes a big cake—formed into the shape of an armadillo!

The armadillo cake was craftily ugly—that is unless you are a fan of that particular member of the Cingulata order of animals.

Appropriately, grey frosting covered each tasty crumb of what was hidden underneath it. The faux animal with life-like large eyes appeared so realistic that it could have slowly crawled off of the serving table.

The Beauty Beneath the Surface

It was what was underneath that grey make-believe animal that brightened my interest! Beautiful red velvet cake nestled itself as the foundation of this movie’s celebrated dessert.

I kept asking myself, “Why was a red velvet cake the chosen flavor? Why not dark chocolate? Why not carrot cake?”

According to, an armadillo cake is a fun, quirky design for a groom’s cake at a Southern USA wedding. With every slice into the red velvet cake, it was to appear as if the make-believe cake sculpture was bleeding. Really?!

I don’t know how that thought process fit in with the future of the movie’s groom. I’ll leave that up to your own imagination, Dear Readers.

It’s History

What I do find interesting is how history plays a role in the cakes we create at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie. We’re big on making red velvet cakes—just not in frosting them grey. That is, until the other day!

A special order from a birthday boy’s mama was for a robot cake. The idea along with the accompanying photo appeared to be very doable. I accepted the request knowing the stunning creativity of our bakers/designers would accomplish this task with gusto! 

I must tell you though that red velvet cake was not an initial character in our cast of robot-cake characters. Chocolate and white cakes had been requested. But to make our robot appear real, the frosting had to be colored grey. Plus, an added factor for this custom order was that the frosting had to be lactose free. 

When all of that was taken into consideration, we concluded the artistic workmanship with extra frosting on hand—grey in color.

Voila! It was time to make “lemonade” out of the remaining grey-colored-frosting “lemons.”

A three-layer red velvet cake with grey frosting and without the armadillo shape was created! It was a smile-bringer to our customers, too, as we featured it as a play-on-cakes from the well-remembered movie made popular when among other things, big hair was in style.

Even though some of the movie’s characters might have been quarrelsome, it was the armadillo cake that caused a ceasefire when the gentleman character said this, “Can we call a truce long enough for me to get a piece of cake?”

Miss NiNi cannot think of a better way to stop an argument!