Save the Date!

The date is March 17.

Many folks circle this mid-March date on their calendar as a day to wear the color green. After all, it is St. Patrick’s Day!

Will Miss NiNi don her favorite green wearing apparel in a few short days to commemorate the day, Dear Readers?

The answer to that question is still to be determined.

However, on that particular date, I will be encapsulated within the midst of gardening green as I venture into a new chapter in the Book of Miss NiNi—serving as a guest seminar presenter.

A New Chapter

A huge shout out is extended to the Cass County (IA) Master Gardeners as they embark on their 20th Spring Garden Seminar.

The Atlantic Community Promotions Commission has joined hands with the master gardeners to welcome this event to Atlantic.

This year’s appropriately titled all-day seminar is entitled “Grow—Weaving Plants Throughout Your Life” and will be held on St. Patrick’s Day. It almost can’t get any greener than this! Wouldn’t you agree, Dear Readers?

For a score of years, hundreds of interested gardeners from many states have gleaned exciting educational gardening insight at the very popular annual event. This year is no exception.

Two featured guests will share their infectious enthusiasm for flowers during the 9 am-3 pm event.

Sharing Their Passion

Mr. J. Schwanke, an internationally known fourth-generation flower expert and headline guest speaker, is considered to be the most trusted voice in the flower industry. His PBS series, Life in Bloom, is just one of the many petals in his bouquet of flower knowledge.

As a featured guest speaker at the event, Miss NiNi’s passion for dessert baking will also be on display. I will demonstrate a recipe created solely for garden seminar attendees which will showcase flowers as an added new dimension in baking and food presentation.

Your tummies will smile at this event, too, Dear Readers! The registration of $35.00 per person covers multiple items including morning coffee and muffins, a complete noon meal plated and served to you (How is that for being treated like a queen or king?), and Miss NiNi’s spring dessert sampler—handcrafted by Miss NiNi and her team of bakers.

Registration for this wonderful event is requested by this Friday, Mar. 9. Contact ISU Extension and Outreach Cass County at 712-243-1132 or jot a quick email to Kate Olson at

Space is limited.

See you on March 17 at the Cass County Community Center, Dear Readers! We’ll have an exciting day with or without actually wearing St. Patrick’s Day green!

Miss NiNi