She Said ‘Yes’

The request came from one of our talented Miss NiNi bakers via my Smartphone.

The text message read, “We had a guy call (Miss NiNi’s Desserterie) and ask about Japanese style cheesecakes. He would want two for Saturday if we can do it.”

Can we do it?  

Miss NiNi was going to give it my best effort, Dear Readers!

In past months, I had noted this particular cheesecake on the Internet while doing research for other unique dessert ideas. However, I had not converted the research phase into the development phase of this particular recipe.

In conversing with the gentleman about his request, he went on to explain that if I could create it, a Japanese Cheesecake would be the celebrated finale to a most important it-doesn’t-happen-every-day event—his engagement to the love of his life!

An International Delight

Mr. Gentleman further reiterated that they both travel internationally and had met while sitting in adjoining seats on the same Delta Airlines flight. Go figure!

However, while representing her company in Manila, Philipines, Ms. Beloved had had an exclusive cultural gastronomical experience at the illustrious Fairmont Hotel. Imbibing in a slice of their exquisite Japanese cheesecake was heavenly! Repetition of that same elegant cuisine once back in the USA was unfathomable to the lovely miss!

That is…until Miss NiNi shifted into Create Mode!

Ms. Beloved’s photos and comments on Facebook summed up her dessert experience.

Delicious Defined

“All I can say is WOW! Nothing short of AMAZING! It’s spot on and she nailed it! Thank you Miss NiNi—your contribution of talent helped to make this weekend even more perfect!”

Oh yes, the amazingly gorgeous sparkling array of precious gemstones she now sports on the ring finger of her left hand are quite impressive!

I still have yet to solve this dilemma, Dear Readers. Was it Miss NiNi’s Japanese cheesecake, or was it love, itself by which she voiced a reply to Mr. Gentleman. 

Regardless, she said, “Yes!”

Miss NiNi