Shipping: Step-by-Step

At Miss NiNi’s Fine Desserts, we go to great lengths to ensure your cheesecakes, layer cakes and coffee cakes arrive on your door step looking as beautiful and tasting as wonderful as they did when they left our kitchen. Sure, that means our shipping may cost a bit more than others, but with the first bite you’ll realize it was worth every penny.

Here is a breakdown of our shipping process so you have an idea of the care Miss NiNi takes in individually packaging each of your orders:

Step 1
Your cheesecake or layer cake is frozen (coffee cakes don’t require freezing), shrink wrapped and wrapped in bubble wrap to seal in flavor and protect the look and integrity of the dessert.

MissNiNi Pack#1

Step 2
Your dessert is placed in Thermalast bag with approximately 7 pounds of dry ice.

MissNiNi Pack#2

Step 3
The Thermalast is bag sealed and placed into a styrofoam cooler purchased specially by Miss NiNi to swaddle your cake and enable a perfect “hug” from the dry ice.

MissNiNi Pack#3

Step 4
The styrofoam cooler is sealed to help prevent sublimation of the dry ice and is ready for insertion into shipping box.

MissNiNi Pack#4

Step 5
The styrofoam cooler is placed inside the shipping box.

MissNiNi Pack#7

Step 6
The shipping box is sealed, labeled, and readied for pick up by our FedEx courier.

MissNiNi Pack#9
Again, this is the detailed process for Miss NiNi’s cheesecakes and layer cakes. As the coffee cake does not require the coolant in order to be shipped, it goes through the same process as the frozen cheesecake and layer cake EXCEPT it does not include the dry ice, Thermalast bag or Styrofoam cooler.

Again, we go to these great lengths to ensure that Miss NiNi’s desserts arrive at their destination with the same beautiful presentation that they had when leaving our kitchen. We take every precaution to safeguard the arrival of your dessert so that upon opening the package, your taste buds scream, “I’ve got to have that NOW!”