Strangers Became Friends

Oh, was it ever fun, Dear Readers!

Mentoring! Coaching! Instructing! The maiden baking class at Miss NiNi’s Baking University (MNBU) taught by Yours Truly was a solid success!

The gamut of life’s generations was present!

Both male and female representatives were in attendance. Their passions for baking shone as a bright beacon in a world of I-never-learned-how-to-bake-and-now-who-will-teach-me.

Even a seasoned baker elected to take Miss NiNi’s Baking Basics class! She and her adult daughter had a beautiful experience connecting with each other all because of their enjoyment of the art and science of baking.

So Much Enthusiasm!

Two teenage sisters were exuberant to learn more about this baking craft they both hold so near and dear. As they immersed themselves into the demonstration part of the class, their hungry teach-me-more-about-baking appetites came to life!

A non-too-shy perky nine-year-old young lady and her momma created soulful memories as they watched Miss NiNi demonstrate measuring and mixing techniques. They then teamed together as did their classmates to put this newly gained knowledge to use in creating a simple recipe.

A young gentleman who wanted to brush up on his baking skills well rounded our family of first-class students.

They came as strangers yet left as friends excitedly anticipating the next classes to be offered!

As I shared personal knowledge of my craft, I reflected on the bonding time with my momma that baking brought to us. Her shared years of baking experiences and knowledge seeped into the sponge of my mind and became ingrained within my personae.

Sharing and Caring

Now, I have the opportunity to care for the baking souls of others and share my grasp of this delicious science to others.

As word spreads about Miss NiNi’s Baking University, the buzz on the street is that this would be something fun to arrange with a group of friends!

No matter how you cut it, Dear Readers, baking and bonding relationships go hand in hand in developing friendship, pleasant times, and joyful interconnections!

Talk to Miss NiNi or one of our baking team members to enroll. You might even leave with a new friend or two!