The Act of Friendship

I’ve heard it said repeatedly, “Baking opens the doors to friendship.”

Treats produced by the passion of one’s heart and the skill of one’s hands brings as much delight to the creator of baked goods as it does to those who imbibe in the deliciousness of the baked results.

Perhaps, Dear Readers, you have discovered a new loving friendship after having shared a plate of freshly-baked-by-you cookies with a next-door neighbor. I hope you have!

Maybe a gift of your favorite homemade brownies has served as the arms of a wrap-around chocolaty hug to someone near and dear.

Was the gift of a fresh apple pie a smile bringer when served to your loved one?

A Daily Delight at the Desserterie

I chat with you today about this subject of food and friendship because it has become very apparent in my daily interaction at the desserterie that tasty handcrafted food brings exquisite joy!  With each delicious morsel consumed, I see elation expressed on the faces of new and old friends. Heartfelt baking passion morphs into happy satisfied visitors!

It’s a share-the-love happiness in our space, too! Each Miss NiNi team member has the opportunity to positively touch people’s lives with her creative talents! Being a part of this unfolding scene produces the satisfying coffee in Miss NiNi’s cup of thankfulness! This dessert baker knows of no greater reward!

For over four decades, Dearly Beloved, has enjoyed the baking skills of Miss NiNi’s hands and heart. Now though, his joy is multiplied when he chuckles about the little children who visit our store. Their enthusiasm for selecting a favorite dessert climaxes into excited jumping-jack-types of activity! It’s even more pronounced as they meet eye to eye with “mountains” of comfort cookies!

‘Frosting on the Cake’

The frosting on my baking-chat cake today is the plot of a recently read novel, Friendship Bread, by Darien Gee. In a quaint Midwest town, loaves of homemade friendship bread were the catalyst used to reach out to citizens of a neighboring town facing natural disaster. In other chapters of the book, the act of sharing the cinnamony sweet loaves of bread brought estranged sisters together and recreated meaningful family relationships.

Going beyond the fictional novel is the fact that one can join the online friendship bread community by visiting the website, Friendship Bread Kitchen— Check it out if you would like!

Baking is love, Dear Readers! Why not gain personal joy by creating and sharing the results of your own special recipe with others? You will find abundant rewards just around the corner!