The Birthday Girl’s Cake

The instructions were quite specific for this birthday cake. Chocolate Layer Cake. Pink Filling. Peach Frosting. No Peach Flavor—Only Peach Color.

“Okie dokie,” replied Miss NiNi to artistic Little Missy’s thoughtful request.

The basic format for the special-day dessert was given to me by my ten-year-old granddaughter one week prior to the we-celebrate-you event. Therefore, this grandma had a few days to contemplate the world of “outside the box” in masterminding its creation.

It was a given that Miss NiNi’s Better-Than-Fudge Chocolate Cake recipe would be the basis for the multi-layer treat. This well-loved recipe gem has been my go-to chocolate cake recipe ever since it claimed a championship ribbon at the Iowa State Fair in 1976. It continues to be the formula held in high esteem by chocolate cake lovers at Miss NiNi’s Desserterie, too!

Combobulation Required…

Realizing that our wowie-zowie homemade Vanilla Buttercream Frosting would serve as the base for color creating, I pulled one pound of unsalted butter from the cooler and measured vanilla, milk, and confectioner’s sugar. Then the rest was up to my tangerine orange Kitchen-Aid mixer to combobulate the substance into a velvety smooth texture of sweet delish.

Tiny bits of red and yellow food color were mixed together to obtain each requested pastel frosting. With a marbled color pattern of pastel pink and peach, the outside of the cake came to life!

Something as simple as edible glitter sprinkled on top of the cake paralleled the birthday girl’s sparkling personality and zest for life.

Impressing Little Missy

But would the cake’s appearance pass the inspection of Little Missy, Dear Readers?

Oh, it did! An ear-to-ear smile erupted on her precious face as the cake box was opened. Yet, the best was yet to come!

After “Happy Birthday to You” was resoundingly warbled by family guests, wee flames of ten lighted candles were extinguished with one big breath. The honored guest was served the first slice.

“Grandma, this is so good! It tastes just like an Oreo!” she exclaimed.

Amid each delicious taste, other guests repeated birthday girl’s yummy exclamation!

The dessert certainly did not resemble the popular sandwich cookie, yet, my-oh-my, Dear Readers, its chocolate/vanilla flavor truly mimicked it!

So, just like that! A spanking-new idea for the creation of a three-layer Oreo-cookie-flavor Tuxedo cake was created for the desserterie! Close your eyes and let your taste buds zoom into delicious imagination, Dear Readers!

We’ll be offering it soon– in black and white only

Miss NiNi.