The Pie Counselor

First-Born Dear Daughter (FBDD) shared a little secret with me, Dear Readers.

Little Sir, our 7-year-old grandson is quite a pie baker. He and his daddy made a Dutch Apple Pie together, and the results were stunningly yummy!

If you recall in last week’s baking chat, Dear Readers, I rambled on about my FOPB—Fear of Pie Baking. Unbeknown to me, there is a half-pint pie counselor in our family…and it appears that he can teach his grandma how to relieve my pie-baking anxiety!

When I asked the little gent if he would so generously make pies with me for our family’s Thanksgiving meal, his nighty-night sleepy expression immediately turned into smile mode! However, he must have had to sleep on this thought as I did not receive an immediate reply.

I continued to think that I was going to have to wing the pie baking myself.

A Helping Hand

Nonetheless, a text message soon came floating through the airwaves from FBDD. “Little Sir will help you bake pies,” it read. Hip-Hip-Hooray!

As Miss NiNi is not devoid of pie-baking experience—though minimal at best—I predict that my favorite grandson and I will meld into a great pie-baking duo producing fabulous results!

The list of desserts for family togetherness will not stop with pies though. No, not at all!

Hovering in my creative dessert-baking mind is a lofty idea for assembling a chocolate and raspberry combo. Imagine this combination rolling around on your palate, Dear Readers. Pieces of chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake, crunchy chocolate cookie crumbs, fresh red raspberries, and shards of raspberry-flavored dark chocolate layered in a beautiful glass bowl with chocolate mousse. Mmm. Miss NiNi’s taste buds are already swooning! I have absolutely no fear whatsoever in tackling this heart-throb assignment!

Making Memories

No doubt, the cute little pie-baking gent and Miss NiNi will have a grand time creating generational let’s-prepare-the-Thanksgiving-desserts-together memories. I can hardly wait to record the specific results of this prized event in my life’s treasure chest!

Let the pie baking begin, Little Sir!

Miss NiNi