The Soloist and the Orchestra

Some people thrive as a soloist—the one in charge—the one whose expertise or talent through dedicated practice and experience might outshine that of others.

Willing to step forth and take risks, the soloist says, “I can do this” and then proceeds to go to all lengths by independently demonstrating perseverance, risk taking, and endurance.

On the other hand, without support of specific individual talents and instruments of an orchestra, the beauty of a soloist’s endeavors only glows as a single melody in what is designed to be an exceptional harmonically engineered experience.

So then, Dear Readers, how does a soloist’s creative leadership and stick-to-it-iveness meld itself into a vast orchestral network of supporting beauty?

The answer is in teamwork!

What once was the Miss NiNi one-woman-solo-dessert-experimenting-creator-of-handcrafted-yummy-treats organization has transformed into a syndicate of exceptional baking talent.

Covering It All

The Miss NiNi baking genre covers a variety of ages, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. And we are not comprised of only the fairer sex.

The youngest of us is Mr. N., a high school senior with pastry chef potential written in chocolate and flour on the front of his apron.

Presently, ten team members call Miss NiNi’s Desserterie home. Individual talents of each valuable person are discovered and showcased through the creative desserts we present to the public.

For instance, Miss NiNi cannot make a blue-ribbon pan of Scotcheroos to save my life! I’ve tried! However, the Queen of Scotcheroos resides at Miss NiNi’s! Her name is Miss BJ. This gifted lady is also masterful at scheduling and organization and is truly a fix-it genius! She’s the director of this baking orchestra.

Age has its attributes. A trio of grandmas in Miss BJ, food science grad and baker/decorator par excellence Miss J., and Miss NiNi wear the jewels of wisdom and experience as learned in the kitchen and throughout life. We serve as mentors to those younger than us. A hug here and a positive word there act as catalysts for congratulatory “way to go” workmanship.

A Master of the Craft

I cannot decide in which section of our orchestra this young lady shines the most! Her youthful eagerness to learn more about excellent baking craftsmanship equals her fast and efficient way of serving our guests. The youthful Miss J. is tiny in stature but mighty in her resolve to get the job done! She indeed has taught Miss NiNi the value of thinking outside the box of traditional cake decorating!

Miss S., cake decorator extraordinaire, joins us as much as her other full-time job allows. It’s easy to see that her passion for artful creations both in the realms of cake design and hand-written signage portray creative art as her love language!

Miss T.’s full-time profession is far from the realm of dessert baking. Yet, her love of serving mankind speaks volumes toward the special place she holds within the Miss NiNi Baking Team. Customers recognize her compassion as do we who work with her when the opportunity arises.

New to our team is Miss V. Her car’s personal license plate and mine both showcase our passion for dessert experimentation and baking. Although a twenty-something newlywed, her mature creative ideas warm the heart of Miss NiNi. She tackles each responsibility with gusto!

The soon-to-be college coeds’ duo within our baking-team orchestra, the Misses S. and M., bring the delightful enthusiasm of youth along with a desire to grow baking and people skills. Oh, how we will miss these young women when their repetitive summertime desserterie work schedules evolve into educational ISU cardinal and gold lifestyles.

You might ask, “What instrumental part do you play, Miss NiNi?” Cheesecake creativity along with coordinating the ideas of research and development of new desserts stand foremost in my professional role. I pay the bills, too!

Miss NiNi was once an unaccompanied baking soloist. Now, however, the love and warmth of a talented team envelope my endearing, persevering, risk-taking dessert-baking passion.

The rewards are so much sweeter when the soloist plays with the orchestra!

Miss NiNi