Think (and TASTE) Spring!

When creating Springtime recipes, I often look to the lovely fragrance of citrus to brighten a flavor. My heart had been set on creating a lime pound cake that just didn’t whisper “lime” but really, flat-out spoke “LIME.”

I tried different amounts of lime zest and lime juice but, alas, my spirit saddened every time I cut into and tasted my new creation as the flavor barely whispered this delightful citrusy flavor. With the amount of limes I would need to purchase in order to have a true lime experience with my pound cake, I would be spending a fortune in fresh limes.

So I went to one of my favorite web sites, to research. I had previously noticed when perusing their catalog that they sold pure citrus oils. My lime-seeking taste buds were ready and waiting to try the experience of enjoying a cake that had pure lime oil as an ingredient. In further study, it was noted that it takes 80 limes to fill a 1-oz. bottle of oil which equates to approximately 6 tsp. of oil.

I anxiously awaited the arrival of my internet order and immediately played with different amounts of oil in the experimental cake batter. Now, I had an advanced foods professor who always said that it is prudent to always taste one’s creation before serving it. So, with this experiment, I had to absolutely sample a wee bit of the batter to determine if my taste buds said, “You’ve got it!”

Using 1-1/4 tsp. of lime oil seemed to do the trick. Shazam—A beautiful bouquet of lime greeted me as I opened the oven door and was even lovelier with first bite! The cake was a hit!! I am a true believer in using citrus oils in baked goods when needing to speak “CITRUS.” Give the citrus oils a try with your next baked product and let me know what you think.

We’ll talk “CITRUS” together!

Niss NiNi