This Season’s Bustle

Can you feel it, Dear Readers?

The scramble. The dash. The bustle of life. Most of us are touched by it during the Christmas season. No other time of year offers the sights, sounds, and display of good-hearted friendship as do these last days of December.

As you might imagine, my present-day bustle of activity is encapsulated in a full baking schedule! Each of the Miss NiNi Baking Team moves with skillful precision as we measure ingredients, assemble recipes, wash dishes, assist customers, and then some.

As I was methodically arranging my own overflowing baking schedule the other day, I stopped to ponder how the seasonal movement of life affects me as well as how it might have also have affected a young woman of historical significance.

The Reason for the Season

Her name was Mary—the mother of the babe for which this December 25th holiday is christened. I can’t help but wonder about the scramble—the dash—the bustle of her life as she and her betrothed, Joseph, traveled to Bethlehem.

It was all because of a census. The young female adolescent was in the final stage of pregnancy when she and Joseph were mandated to leave their town of Nazareth for the arduous trek to Bethlehem—the site of King Caesar’s census-taking task.

No cushy leather was Mary’s seat of comfort on her mode of transportation. Oh, no! She sat on a hair-covered donkey’s back with Joseph walking beside her and leading the beast of burden, all while she was heavy with child.

I imagine there is only so much “bustling” that can be done while sitting on the back of a plodding donkey. However, Dear Readers, I can at best conceive that the soon-to-be mother of Jesus might have encouraged both man-and-beast traveling companions to hustle a little faster as the pangs of childbirth came upon her!

Setting the Scene

Envision the bustling mind of Joseph—perhaps full of the “what ifs” upon realizing that the town was overflowing with people who had already captured every available place of lodging. There would not be a room of comfort for Mary and him. Yet, Dear Readers, a lowly stable, a manger, swaddling clothes, and various species of livestock set the scene that answered a most substantial “what if.”

Imagine the star power that bustled and sparkled in the heavens on that night! Shepherds and sheep saw it!

A heavenly host of angels sang in perfect pitch with a resounding heralding welcome for this new life! Oh, how glorious!

Twinkling stars. Heralding angels. The birth of a baby. Dear Readers, how does my bustling baking schedule even compare to that buzz of activity?  

Upon celebrating the centuries’ old past with the present days of time—mankind can feel the blessing of abundant life.

Merry Christmas!

Miss NiNi