Tin Can Beauties

Dear Readers, I know you have seen them before–shiny painted metal tins with lids whose contents may include sweet treats.

Covers that snugly fit on to the tops of each tin create a metal canvas for exceptional works of art!

Unique designs painted in either vibrant living holiday colors or demure homespun-scene reminiscence speak a message without need of any detailed description. These tin-can beauties tug at the heartstrings of holiday comfort and happiness.

There is no particular size or shape in which these cookie tins are formed. Circular, rectangular, hexagonal, square—you name it!

Miss NiNi ventures to say that they are often purchased as last-minute gifts for Friendly Neighbor Nancy, Miss Teacher Tilly, or Walk-A-Mile-In-My-Shoes Postman Joe.

The Most Beautiful Gift

I must admit, Dear Readers, that I have never received a gift in a beautiful tin such as this. However, Miss NiNi’s pantry is most certainly a storehouse for dozens of them.

You see, they are my go-to containers for housing handcrafted cookies. Yes, that is correct, Dear Readers! As I have already begun to bake and freeze fancy holiday cookies, covered metal cookie tins are again heavy laden with beautiful confections. They are napping within the confines of my chill-below-zero appliances until already-received orders are filled at requested times.

My charming tins have come from hither and yon. Some have been given to me (in an empty state). Others have been purchased at repurposing retail outlets. However, my very favorite container came to me via a most loving channel.

When I introduced this baking chat with the fact that painted designs on these tins evoke warm wonderful memories of home, I truly hit the nail on the head with Miss NiNi’s Favorite Tin!

A Prized Possession

You see, Dear Readers, this tin had originally been Mom’s. Even at the time Sweet Sister and I divided the personal possessions of our parents, I knew that the simple black tin with dainty pink roses needed to accompany me from the North Dakota prairie home to Iowa.

Woe is me! Miss NiNi cannot specifically recall what wonderful treats Mom would have invested within the tin during the pre-holiday baking season. It was either her fabulous creamy chocolate fudge or Dad’s favorite–peanut butter fudge. Those were her go-to candies made annually for the Menoken Homemakers Club Candy Exchange.

Following that first-of-December event, the tin was then a depot for yummy homemade cookies.

Oh, other types of food storage containers were included in the cookie/candy storehouse in our farm home. But the imprint of this twelve-inch round painted cookie tin had been completely etched with warm cozy memories of a fond childhood. It was destined to continue its usefulness with its first owner’s baking descendant—me!

Perhaps, Dear Readers, you have a tin or two whose likeness I’ve just described. Possibly, it’s a cherished piece of your heritage, also. Maybe, it even serves as a fancy-cookie-holding vessel for you, too.

Whatever your tin’s shape, history, or traditional use, it contains a plethora of potential-use options—with beauty to boot!

Miss NiNi