“Your Highness” the Spring form Pan

Look at me! My complexion isn’t what it used to be. I show a few blemish spots here and there. I’m a little looser around the middle but still fit! Guess that comes with age though, right? I’ve had a great life, but I’m not done yet!

Please, let me introduce myself to you. I’m sometimes known as Winnie Wilton, the Springform Pan, trusted friend of Baker Extraordinaire (BE). It’s not that I’m older than the hills because I’ve always been prematurely grey. But I have had a few experiences over the 30-plus years of my life that are worth sharing.

It all began when I was created out of aluminum and formed into a shiny new springform pan with gleaming sides, removable bottom, and a snappy latch on the side.

I, a springform pan, would become the “girdle” of perfection, holding together all of the greatness within. Because of my shape, I would become top hierarchy in the baking pan world and would hold batter for desserts fit for a queen.

When local hardware store personnel affixed a price tag on to my shiny, well-toned, unscathed side, they then gave me exclusive space on their shelf. I anxiously awaited the joy of wrapping my arms around cheesecake batter, so that together with the heat of an oven, mouth-watering deliciousness would prevail within.

As I was dreaming about a glorious future, all-of-a-sudden, I was lifted off the shelf as if a gentle rushing wind was underneath my bottom. A flurry of activity overcame me, and when I came to my senses, I was resting on the kitchen counter of Baker Extraordinaire’s home. Little did I know that my great form and shape would inspire BE to bake with more cream cheese than Daisy the Cow could produce!

I must tell you that BE was quite apprehensive to use me at first. She had never made a cheesecake before, but with recipe-in-hand exclaiming to be the Best of the Best Cheesecake, she proceeded with unwavering confidence. We joined hands, so to speak, to create a most lovely creation of smooth cream cheese, fresh eggs, tart lemon, and sweet sugar. Together, we impressed Hubby, that’s for sure!

“Pretty cush job?” you might ask.

“Yep, that’s right!”

Those times I am gently surrounded with a warm water bath…now that’s spa time! That warm water encompassing my exterior just helps the cheesecake batter to bake into a deliciously smooth, light-textured dessert.

My form has been clasped around BE’s newly inspired, never-been-published recipe creations of lemon, chocolate, raspberry, and orange. Crumbs of crushed graham crackers or cookie crumbs mixed with melted butter and oh-so-sweet sugar have been patted on to my bottom time and time again, all to serve as the foundation of sweet creamy richness for a joyous occasion.

The shine of my light metal form has risen to the occasion to produce just the right tone of color for each and every drop of batter I have touched.

Oh, there have been others of my kind added to BE’s baking pan arsenal, but, not to brag, I am her favorite!

But wait…there is more to my story! BE has tested me to the limits! Do you know how many times we have worked together? It has to be hundreds! Her middle-of-the-night inspirations often became early-morning creations (with my help, of course) testing to see if an idea was worth developing for sales or competition.

The cream-of-the-crop, though, was the time we banded together and baked our Grand Champion perfection. BE’s contest dreams become reality that day in Capital City where the bright lights of the Ferris wheel beckoned, “Come to the fair!” Indeed, nothing could compare with the humbling feeling of accomplishment when that Grand Champion ribbon was laid on Miss Best-of-the-Best Cheesecake!

We’re a great team, my BE and me! Our seasoned life together has brought numerous purple-ribbon cheesecake creations. Taste buds across this land have exuberantly danced the night away when our dessert beauties were savored, all culminating into wonderful memories tucked away into the treasured keepsake file.

Who knew, so long ago in that local hardware store that I, Winnie Wilton, the Springform Pan, was destined to be a helpmate in the production of multiple rich delicacies! Age has given me beauty, and, when called upon, I’m still rockin’ and rollin’ with cheesecake batter.

When Baker Extraordinaire pulls me off the shelf to help create the next pleasurable cheesecake sensation from her kitchen, I am ready to spring into action.

BE calls me “Your Highness .” You may, too!

Miss NiNi